Term 1         11/09/16 – 23/10/16 (7wks)


Term 2         06/11/16 – 18/12/16 (7wks)


Term 3         08/01/17 – 26/02/17 (8wks)


Term 4          05/03/17 – 07/05/17 (8wks)

                   Closed 09/04/17 & 16/04/17


Term 5         14/05/17 – 16/07/17 (8wks)

                   Closed 28/05/17 & 04/06/17

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The Academy strives to provide the greatest possible training and grounding for the stars and talent of the future.


During our Sunday academy each student partakes in classes designed to give a well rounded and educational insight into the world of the performing arts, our core faculty and special guest tutors provide the fun and vibrant atmosphere all students need to grow and excel as a performer, with classes such as Ballet, Musical theatre, Commercial, Hip Hop, Street jazz, script work, singing/vocal technique and drama improvisation as well as the unique specialised master classes we feel necessary to prepare students for the world of Performance there really is no better place to learn the tools of the trade.


All of our classes are taken by established working industry professionals who know just what it takes to succeed in this business, whether you wish to make a career as a singer, dancer, actor or all three or just simply love to perform ‘The JENNIFER ELLISON FAME ACADEMY ’ is the

place for you.


If you have bags of experience, or just want to discover your hidden talents, The JENNIFER ELLISON FAME ACADEMY will provide a supportive environment to give you the confidence and skills to realise your potential and dreams.


Sunday Academy


Our academy runs throughout the year for 7 and 8 week terms consisting of six classes per week (each Sunday) including Ballet, Musical theatre, Commercial, Hiphop, Street jazz, Script work, Singing/vocal technique, Drama improvisation  and ‘special guest’ master classes providing all the essential criteria to make it in the industry. Each of the classes are taken by the highest standard of professional teachers who have all had extensive careers and have excelled in their particular area of expertise from lead roles in some of the most successful west end musicals and television series to chart topping music careers and roles in Hollywood blockbusters movies.


The academy classes are split into groups of age and ability this ensures our students are given the best tuition and guidance and helps them to excel.



  • Professional training taught by stars of west end, T.V, film and stage.


  • End of year Theatre performance in front of family and friends.


  • An opportunity to be seen by industry professionals including casting directors, agents, television producers and directors.


  • A safe, fun and supportive environment to give you the confidence to grow to your full potential.


  • The foundation to help you on your way to a career in the performing arts.


  • A thriving community of students past and present.


  • Smaller class sizes to ensure that individual attention is always available.


  • Make friends with other young people who share a keen interest in the world of performance.


  • Build confidence in your abilities, exercise and expand your imagination, strengthen focus, concentration and memory.


  • Improve your posture and coordination.


  • Communication skills in speech and presentation.


  • Understand what it really means to work in a team.


  • Dress to impress at the final terms academy awards night for the students.



After making your booking.

When we have taken your booking and we have received payment you will then receive a confirmation invoice detailing your booking. If you think anything is incorrect at this time please contact us straight away. All the correspondence will be with the person named on the confirmation invoice who accepts the following conditions on behalf of all participants.


Your final payment.

The Jennifer Ellison Fame Academy will be priced at £30 per week or £25 per week when paid up front and in full, a non-refundable deposit of £100 will be required to reserve a place at the academy, the remaining balance or full term payment is required no later than one week before the first day of term.


Cancellations and refunds.

In the event of a cancellation by the customer, the following refund policy will apply:

(note: you are allowed by law to cancel your booking within seven days of the date you are making the booking without penalty provided you notify us of your intention in writing within seven days.) Within seven days of the date of booking:100% of all monies (other than non refundable deposit of £100) will be paid.


After seven days from the date of booking, and more than ninety days before (Summer school): 50% of all monies paid (other than non refundable deposit of £100). After seven days from the date of booking, and less than ninety days before the date of summer school: no refund is payable. In the event of cancellation by ‘the Jennifer Ellison Fame Academy’, we will fully refund all monies paid (including deposit) in respect of the academy and Summer school.


Responsible parent or guardian.

The person making the booking, whether by telephone, on-line or a posted booking form, must be the legal parent or guardian of the child, or in the case of any additional children not the legal responsibility of the person making the booking, we must have the written authority of the legal parents or guardians of the additional children to make the booking on their behalf. We will need to have this written authority before the start of the summer school for such additional children.


Improper behaviour .

‘The Jennifer Ellison Fame Academy’ reserves the right to refuse or exclude any persons at any time prior or during the academy term or Summer school if in the opinion of J.E.F.A that person is incompatible with the general well being and safe running of the school. No refund will be given in such an event and any costs incurred, including any damage, will be passed on to the parents/guardians.



‘The Jennifer Ellison Fame Academy’ does not accept liability for personal injury or the death of any participant. ‘The Jennifer Ellison Fame Academy’ does not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any property belonging to the participants, and will not take charge of personal items left behind at the end of each school day, week or term.


Media usage.

‘The Jennifer Ellison Fame Academy’ is hereby authorized to use still photographs, motion picture footage or recordings of both current and past students’ names, image and voices for publicity, advertising, business or commercial purposes of any sort such as broadcast media for television/radio, print media and commemorative DVD.

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You further agree to the Terms & Conditions as set out on the company website:  You understand that places are limited and are issued on a first come basis, and that in the event that the course is over subscribed

Your deposit will be returned.




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